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The history of the brand

Wetzels Brown Partners Studio was founded in 1996 by interior designer Gillian Brown and architect Rob Wetzels. The company entered the marine segment thanks to Gillian, who even before the opening of WBP participated in the design for 118 WallyPower, also known as Galeocerdo.


One of the characteristic features of the team's work is its modern, timeless design. Some solutions may seem too bold at first glance, but all Wetzels Brown Partners projects always look harmonious and neat.


The company is known for its work on commercial and private properties. In the marine industry, the studio specialises in interiors for luxury sailing superyachts. At the same time Wetzels Brown Partners show an individual approach, designing every detail separately, from door handles to furniture.

Cooperation with shipyards

After the partners created the new studio, the Wally Yachts shipyard continued its cooperation with designers. The firm also built relationships with CNB, Contest Yachts, Vicem Yachts and others.

Landmark projects

One of Wetzels Brown's most recognisable boats is the 164 foot sailing superyacht Better Place from Wally. The team created a lightweight, airy interior with plenty of space, unobtrusive and harmonious, and the studio was recognized at the 2013 International Yacht and Aviation Awards for its simple yet elegant solutions.


The small team of designers assembled in Amsterdam is still led by partners Gillian and Rob.

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