Scott Carpenter


Designer description Scott Carpenter

The history of the brand

Scott Carpenter Designs Studio has been working in the American city of Charlotte in North Carolina since 1992. Its founder Scott Carpenter (Scott Carpenter) grew up in East Virginia and has been interested in interiors and design since childhood.

Carpenter studied at the Escuela Superior School of Art and Design, and then completed an internship in a North Carolina studio. He honed his skills in New Orleans by taking on projects ranging from commercial and residential to custom yachts. After gaining experience, the specialist returned to Charlotte and soon opened his studio, which was originally called Scott Carpenter Interiors.


The company relies on individual approach and attention to details, openness and trustful relations with customers. Here they strive to be accessible and to blur the boundaries in communication.


Scott Carpenter Designs designs yachts as well as residential and commercial spaces - restaurants, pubs, nightclubs, etc.

Collaboration with shipyards

The studio has produced several yachts together with the American Trinity Yachts shipyard and the Taiwanese Horizon.

Landmark projects

The 2000s were productive years in terms of shipbuilding for S.C. Designs. In 2006, the Lohengrin motor yacht with ten guests and the same number of crew members was launched. She features heated marble floors, panoramic views from the main cabin, several dining areas, indoor and outdoor areas.

In 2009, Scott Carpenter Designs saw a Wheels yacht being refitted in 2015. Carpenter designed her to reproduce the special spirit of the early twentieth century while still embodying timeless elegance.

The crew is .

Scott Carpenter knows his employees well, working with them in an open and accessible manner - as well as with customers. He is involved in the company's work processes, maintaining friendly relations with designers and architects.

«I feel that the best result for the client is when I participate in the project from scratch»," says the company founder.