Studio Linse

Paul Lynce, Studio founder
I believe that interiors require a broad approach. There are no individual objects in spaces. Furniture, shapes, colors and materials are all interconnected and nothing exists by itself.
Paul Lynce
Studio founder

Designer description Studio Linse

The history of the brand

Paul Linse, a graduate of the Academy in Eindhoven, teacher and winner of several prestigious design awards, opened Studio Linse in 1999. He started designing boats 10 years later without any experience in the yachting industry. The firm's projects have been warmly received by the public, but the maritime direction is not a priority for them.


As they say in the company itself, Studio Linse creates a unique design, celebrating the individuality of its owner, with respect for the past, the pleasure of the present, with impatient expectation of the future. The interiors of the studio are attractive and comfortable, it is not easy to decorate the spaces, but to tell the story.


The studio is involved in the interiors of houses, restaurants, shops, offices and superyachts. The company also develops materials, designs furniture and creates decorative elements that it uses in its own projects.

Cooperation with shipyards

In the marine segment the most noticeable for Studio Linse was the cooperation with Dutch ICON Yacht.

Landmark projects

The first project for the studio was a 63-meter Icon, built in 2010 for Alexander Mazanov. In 2014 the boat was upgraded and extended by 5 metres, and in 2017 it was the subject of the biggest deal at the Monaco show.


The office of the studio is in Amsterdam, where Paul assembled a team of six people. He continues to be actively involved in every project.

Superyachts Studio Linse