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Designer description Phil Curran Design

The history of the brand

The Phil Curran Design Bureau has become one of the most famous on the Australian continent. Curran was even equated with the shipbuilding legend Jon Bannenberg. The company became quite popular in the superyacht segment, with the founder developing his own production technology «for small production boats», which is used in 18 countries.


Designed by Phil Kerran, the ships offer the highest standards of seaworthiness, functionality, versatility and aesthetics, as well as the most efficient technical features.


Phil Curran Design Studio has been involved in marine architecture for superyachts, as well as creating interiors and exteriors for boats produced under its own CDM brand and under license.

Collaboration with shipyards

The company has worked mainly with Australian shipbuilders. A large part of the portfolio is occupied by superyachts for Oceanfast, and the studio has also designed hulls for Warren Yachts, Harry Engineering, Lloyds, Sensation and others.

Landmark projects

The Phil Curran Design team worked on the naval architecture for the 45-metre motor superyacht Cabernet. The boat has impressive sailing characteristics - at a cruising speed of 18 knots, the boat can travel up to 2000 nautical miles.


Currently Phil Kerran's studio is not working, but the master has trained many successful specialists. Among them Stephen Bruyn, who later became a business partner of Phil Curran Design, and later opened his own studio Bruyn Design.

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