Joachim Kinder Yacht Design

Joachim Kinder, Studio founder
I believed I could create something new in the yachting industry.
Joachim Kinder
Studio founder

Designer description Joachim Kinder Yacht Design

Brand History

The German company Joachim Kinder Yacht Designs has existed since the 90s and is based in Munich. Its founder, industrial designer Joachim Kinder, worked with automobiles at the beginning of his career. He worked with Hymer, a major manufacturer of motorhomes, for over ten years. However, Kinder was fascinated by innovative ideas and a passion for boats. While working on his thesis, he created an innovative control panel for motor yachts. In Germany, the project was awarded the Braunpreis prize. The media wrote about Kinder and he received his first major order from a German yachting company.


Born at the junction of two industries, the brand still practices universality. To be just a designer in J. Kinder Designs is not enough. A specialist needs to know ergonomics, know production and systems, think about ecology, and even apply psychology to understand client needs. This approach blurs the boundaries of the industry and frees up the workflow.


The company is engaged in the external and internal design of yachts, as well as their refit. In addition, the brand portfolio includes automotive components (mainly for trailers), equipment for print shops, robots for painting cars.

Cooperation with shipyards

The brand has designed yachts for Turkish shipyards Bilgin Yachts and Peer Gynt Yachts, European Moonen, Avangard Yachts, German-Yachts, Cantiere Navale Riviera and the Emirate Dubai Marine.

Landmark projects

Among the brand's award-winning yachts is White Heaven III, a motor yacht nominated for the National Design Award Gute Form and The Showboats Award. Megayacht Tatiana 45 meters long was the winner of the World Superyacht Awards in 2012.


The majority of J. Kinder Designs works remotely: these are engineers, architects, designers, 3D specialists. The company loves young employees with flexible thinking, who are open to new things, quickly grab fresh ideas around the world and quickly implement them.