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Model range of Duckworth

The brand Duckworth produces aluminum boats and fishing Boats. There are 22 models from 5 to 10 meters.

About Duckworth

The company's history

The company Duckworth, originated by enthusiast Ernest Duckworth, was founded in the late 60's in Clarkston in the northwest United States.

Duckworth, analyzing his fishing experience on the troubled Snake River, came up with his concept of the perfect boat. His company was one of the pioneers in the welded aluminium boat industry.

Later on, the shipyard owners changed more than once until it was acquired by Renaissance Marine Group, one of the industry leaders, in 2000. This company, which also produces boats under the Weldcraft and Northwest brands, later became part of the Westwinn Group Corporation. Despite all these changes, the owners have always tried to preserve the style and valuable qualities of Duckworth boats.

Production .

Duckworth boats are manufactured at his factory in Clarkston, Washington, just a few miles from the garage where Ernest Duckworth once built his first hull. A team of 74 specialists handcrafted from 500 to 550 all-welded aluminum boats per year. However, the Renaissance Marine Group has ambitious plans to double its production.

Model range

The company offers to the consumer no less than 10 lines of aluminium boats of various types, both with outboard engine and with water-jet propulsion. There are Offshore 8-10 meters long and 8 meters long cabin boats, as well as outdoor boats for fishing in various types of water bodies from 5.5 to 10 meters. There are 2 series of Ultra Magnum Inboard Jet and Advantage Inboard Jet water-jet boats designed for shallow water and mountain rivers.

Features .

Duckworth boats are known for their durability. Duckworth boats have a lifetime warranty on their hulls, with the right to transfer it during the first 10 years of ownership.

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