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The brand Escape produces outboard boats and pontoon boats. There are 19 models currently in production ranging from 6 to 8 meters. We invite you to explore all current and older models from Escape and contact us for sales and pricing information.

Escape Model Range


Company history

Escape brand belongs to American company Larson Boat Group. Founded by Paul Larson in 1913 in Minnesota, the company has gone a long and successful way as a popular manufacturer of wooden, aluminum, and then, since the 50s, and fiberglass boats. The shipyard always tried to consider and introduce the newest trends in the industry, be it new materials, contours or motor installations. Self-propelled pontoons are produced under Escape brand. This type of boat, being very popular in North America, has received from Larson a powerful innovative fuse, having undergone serious improvements, and today Escape boats occupy the top positions in the market.


The company is operating.

Production .

Escape pontoon boats are built of GRP with stainless steel floats. The shipyard's production site is located in Little Falls, Minnesota.

The customer has rich opportunities to influence both the appearance of the boat and its technical content, «which makes»each boat - already quite original - unique.

Range of boats

The company's pontoons are grouped in two series. Escape TTT (Tapered Tube Technology) are 6.4-7.6 m long models with three pontoon bases. They are characterized by a special innovative design of floats, which provides improved speed characteristics of boats, as well as fuel economy. The Escape RT series includes the less expensive 6-7.3 m long models with two or three traditionally shaped pontoon bases. With all its obvious improvements coming from the world of «standard boats», Escape boats remain those pontoons with all their advantages, such as large capacity (up to 16 people) and useful space, comfort, stability and safety.


In a desire to move away from standard solutions in the segment of self-propelled pontoons, Escape engineers have created from these initially clumsy boats with a mass of restrictions comfortable luxury boats with high speed performance, manageability and incredibly stylish design. Among other things, they managed to do it thanks to Larson Boats' centuries of experience in manufacturing other types of boats. The result is a kind of hybrid of pontoon boat and runabout.