Greenline Yachts

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Model range of Greenline

The brand Greenline produces hybrid Motor Yachts and semi-displacement Yachts. There are 8 models from 9 to 21 meters.

About Greenline

Company history

The story of Greenline Yachts began in 1983 when the J & J Design brothers, Jernej and Japec Jakopin, founded Seaway. Long before launching their own production, the latter was developing projects for other manufacturers such as Fairline, Jeanneau, Bavaria and Sea Ray.

In 2009, the company's premiere project was Greenline 33 Hybrid, which is based on new hybrid technology. A year later, the company launched the larger 40-foot Greenline 40 Hybrid, and in 2013 Greenline 48. However, the consequences of the 2008-09 crisis were serious. Despite the popularity of Seaway products, the company failed to cope with financial difficulties and in 2015 declared bankruptcy. The shipyard's assets (Greenline, Shipman and Skagen brands) were acquired by a Russian dealer of the following brands Vladimir Zinchenko and his company, SVP Yachts. Since then, the company's product line has tripled and its staff has grown by ten, reaching 250 people. Since the change of ownership, the company has built over 150 yachts and is actively building up its fleet.


The company is active.


The company's headquarters and production site are located in Begunje, Slovenia. The company has an extensive dealer network all over the world.

Model range

In the company's collection of boats and yachts in composite hull up to 20 m long. Some models are equipped with gasoline or electric engine, the other part has three options of power plant - diesel, hybrid or electric engine.


The Greenline philosophy is to create yachts that allow you to relax on the water without exhaust, noise or vibration. The yachts can be equipped with a hybrid or electric propulsion system if the client wishes. Speed of yachts on an electric stroke is 5-6 knots. The power grid on Greenline yachts has a voltage of 230 volts, which is also convenient and eliminates the dependence on shore power. The refrigerator, air conditioning, dishwasher, washing machine, coffee maker, toaster or hair dryer can be switched on at any time without starting the diesel generator. Battery capacity and accumulated energy is enough for a day to stay at anchor and not think about charging. If solar panels are added to this, the yacht's complete energy independence will be ensured.

Video of the builder Greenline

Video tours of the builder's production site, reports from open days, dealer meetings, and other events

Экскурсия по самому большому залу верфи Greenline, где строят OceanClass, Greenline 48 Fly, Greenline 48 Coupe

Greenline Yachts 05.06.2020

Тур по Greenline вместе с основателем верфи Владимиром Зинченко

Greenline Yachts 26.05.2020

Обзор гибридной системы Greenline Yachts

Гибридная технология Greenline позволяет использовать в четыре раза меньше ископаемого топлива в сравнении с лодками других производителей. Исследуйте, как это работает, и ознакомьтесь с преимуществами.
Greenline Yachts 05.03.2020
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