Model range of Catalina

The brand Catalina produces sailing Cruisers with Mediterranean Cockpit. There are 3 models from 9 to 15 meters in the current model range from 2 lines: Cruiser and Ocean.

About Catalina

Company history

When Frank Butler founded Catalina Yachts in 1969 in California, he set out to build 100 boats. The success of the first Catalina 22, followed by Catalina 27 and Catalina 30, convinced the yard's founder of the right direction. By 1975, 5,000 Catalina 22 was sold, by 1980 there were already 10,000 of them.

This yacht was called the best trailer boat of the decade, the model was reproduced in England, Canada and Australia.

In 1982 Patrick Childress made a solo circumnavigation of Catalina 27 Juggernaut around the world, showing his capabilities and the boat.

In 1984, Catalina Yachts bought the Morgan Yachts shipyard, located in Florida, where she moved some of her production. By this time Catalina 27 had become the world's largest class of keel yachts with over 5,000 hulls. She has been in production for 22 years and is recognized as one of the longest running projects in the world. In 1990 the status of the largest class passed to Catalina 30, its sales exceeded 6 thousand pieces. Subsequently, the company introduced to the market a number of models, also sold in thousands.

Catalina 28, Catalina 380, Catalina 310, Catalina 425, Catalina 275 Sport and other yachts of the shipyard were named «Boat of the Year» in different years.

Today Catalina Yachts is one of the largest sailing yacht builders in the USA and the world. During its activity the company has built more than 60 thousand boats.


She is active.

Production .

Located in Largo, Florida, the yard has 100 hectares and production facilities of over 25,000 square meters. The company is headquartered in Largo, Florida, and has over 25,000 square meters of production space.Woodland Hills , Catalina 425, Catalina 425, Catalina 275 Sport and ....the state of California.

Model range

Catalina Yachts manufactures 12.5-53 feet of glass composite sailboats and keel yachts. There are several lines of boats of different types and purposes Sport, Cruiser and Ocean (dealers, yachts with Mediterranean cockpit, etc.).

Features .

«When we design a new boat, we don't try to reinvent the bike every time," says company founder Frank Butler. - We combine proven functions with new ideas and a host of owner suggestions. This helps to avoid overly fashionable styles and ensures good prices for Catalina yachts in the aftermarket.

Catalina yachts attract with their versatility, affordable prices and a wide range of models, among which there are boats for training, family cruises and offshore trips. Catalina yachts are characterised by conservative design.

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