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The brand Tartan produces aft cockpit sailboats and daysailers. There are 6 models currently in production ranging from 7 to 17 meters. We invite you to explore all current and older models from Tartan and contact us for sales and pricing information.

Tartan Model Range

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History of the company

American yachts Tartan are well known at home in the USA, but few people are familiar in other countries. Meanwhile, these original yachts have been produced more than half a century ago, and their cradle had real sailing legends - Charlie Britton and Olin Stephans himself.

The first Tartans appeared long before the launch of their own shipyard back in the 60s. Sparkman and Stephens Studios were working on the design at that time, and the boats were built of wood, a material familiar to the time.

The official year of the shipyard's foundation is 1971, when Charlie Britton bought the remaining facilities of Douglass & McLeod Plastic Corporation after a major fire and launched production of cruise sailing yachts, which have already received fiberglass hulls.

The American yacht market has experienced many downturns and upsurges over the past 50 years, but the yard has consistently remained among the industry leaders with new quality models and original innovative designs.

Today Tartan yachts are built using the best materials, including carbon fiber and epoxy, as well as the most advanced vacuum infusion technology.


The Tartan Yacht Company is owned by Steve Malbase, who acquired it in July 2010. The company has also bought the luxury motor yacht manufacturer Legacy Yachts, and new boats of this brand are now designated «Legacy by Tartan.

Production .

Over the years, the company has moved its production facilities several times. Now Tartan has a factory in Tartan.Fairport Harborin the state of Ohio. From here the boats are sent to dealers in Canada, Sweden, the Netherlands, Japan and other countries.

Model range

Every boat built by the shipyard follows the same style as the first Tartan 27. Nowadays the company builds sailboats from 8 to 16 meters in composite materials. Even with a small, at first sight, portfolio, there is something to choose from. The company offers dealers, cruising yachts with Mediterranean and protected cockpit and luxury cruisers.

Features .

In half a century about 5,000 yachts have departed from the shipyard's slipways, which does not seem to be such a great indicator for a successful shipbuilder. But traditionally the manufacturer pays special attention to the quality of their boats and does not want to take the market in quantity.

Tartan is constantly improving its production technology and holds many patents, including the rights to its own composite material, which increases the strength of the boat and ensures its durability.

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