Diary of the 5th Russian Business Regatta. Day five

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Many people dreamed of strong winds and apparently their wishes were heard and summed up. Today it was 40 knots. Bavaria 50 which can be maxed out at 10 on the speedometer made 12.5, breaking in waves on her way to the start. For nothing, the race was cancelled.

Tomorrow, the wind will pick up even more. Nevertheless, there are rumors that the final race will take place under any circumstances. But it is more likely that the closing ceremony will take place under any circumstances at the pompous Porto CervoYacht Club, of which Berlusconi is a member. Many skippers are outraged, being forced to get their trousers, shirt and boots ready. The cancellation of the race has caused much less indignation.

If the sporting part of this regatta is really over, there are only four races in three days, one of which was stopped after four hours of doldrums.

It would be boring if the nights didn't include the main events, among them a pattern-breaking dance by the PR manager of the regatta, the gorgeous Eugenia, on the bar. Victories and defeats would be forgotten, but such extravagance is unlikely.
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