Sailing yachtBateaux Archambault A40RC

Characteristics Bateaux Archambault A40RC

The Bateaux Archambault A40RC is produced by the brand Bateaux Archambault Bateaux Archambault A40RC is a 11.98 meters sport cruiser with a draft of 2.50 meters. The base price of a new Bateaux Archambault A40RC is not currently published, please contact the itBoat team for pricing details.

11.98м  / 39' 4"
3.75м  / 12' 4"
2.50м  / 8' 3"
Displacement, t
6.65 (half load)
Manufacturer's data
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Review Bateaux Archambault A40RC

The Archambault A40RC reveals its purpose at a glance: a huge open cockpit (it occupies exactly one third of the boat's length), two titanium (!) handwheels, a sharp nose with a vertical shaft and high-performance sailing weapons can only belong to a racing yacht. Although the yacht description indicates that it is a racer/cruiser, it is only a marketing slyness. Of course it is possible to spend a weekend on it with family or friends - but it is better to spend it in a gambling race. The layout of the cockpit (especially the location of the mainsail tuner) can be an example of an ergonomically successful solution. The deck space is spacious, but unpretentious - clearly not the Ritz hotel.
The hull of the boat has a rational system of longitudinal and transverse reinforcements, which give it particular torsional rigidity. The high proportion of ballast weight in the displacement of the boat (48.5%) gives it an excellent stability.