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Outremer 51 Specifications

The Outremer 51 is produced by the brand Outremer since 2018. Outremer 51 is a 15.65 meters sailing cruising multihull with 4 guest cabins and a draft of 2.35 meters. The base price of a new Outremer 51 is not currently published, please contact the itBoat team for pricing details.

15.65m  / 51' 5"
7.45m  / 24' 6"
2.35m  / 7' 9"
Displacement, t
10.9 (half load)
Cabins & Passenger Capacity
Max people
Berths for guests
Rigging and keel
Single-masted (sloop)
mainsail – 91 m2
jib ( self-tacking) – 40 m2
gennaker – 110 m2 (optional)
spinnaker – 160 m2 (optional)
Hull type
Hull material
Fiberglass / GRP
Modern / Mainstream
Type by usage
Deck arrangement
Manufacturer Data
Period of manufacture
from 2018
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Outremer 51 Overview

Introduced in 2013, Outremer 51 received a «facelift» in 2018 and after its premiere at the La Grande Moteur «home» boat show was voted Yacht of the Year by Voile et Moteur and Le Monde du Multicoque.

Exterior and interior design...

The Outremer 51 is a development of the 49th model of the French shipyard, which has an impressive collection of titles. Designed by Barreau/Neuman, the 51 remained almost the same in the third generation: a narrow, fast hull with powerful sailing arms. The changes affected the interior space (Darnet Design work) and further weight reduction of the boat. Now the «dry» 51st weighs a little more than 10 tons, that is, the declared speeds of about 20 knots are quite real.

Amenities on board

If the Outremer 51 calls with all its looks on the road, the interior decoration ensures that the road is not ascetic. The owner's family is allotted the entire left hull with a king-size bed aft and a shower in the nose. Guests are accommodated in the right hull in two cabins. Four-cabin «charter» versions are also available.

Features .

Outremer 51's sports DNA is visible at first sight. No flybridges, open cockpits or wide tanning areas. The values here are quite different: the optional rotating carbon mast, dinghies and signature tiller controls are what the understanding owner will enjoy.

Swimming area

The Outremer shipyard takes its customers' travel arrangements seriously. We offer courses on swimming planning, boat management skills and so on. So it is not a question of a boat at all - it is ready to go anywhere, rather, you should be ready for a real adventure.

Outremer 51 Videos

View video reviews, onboard virtual tours and walkthroughs, sea trials and test drives of the Outremer 51 sailing yacht from the manufacturer and independent yachting experts. Convinced the Outremer 51 is for you? Contact our team today to learn more.

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