Kitesurfer sets new world record

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Portuguese Franciscu Lufinha attempted to update the world record and cover the maximum distance on a kiteboard. The man covered 472 nautical miles on July 5-7.

The record was not set without «blunders». On the first night of the voyage, the kitesurfer had an accident and had his board replaced. On the second night of the voyage, Lufinha fell asleep «on the move» and crashed into the accompanying vessel. The impact was severe and the man ended up directly under the vessel, between its two engines. Fortunately there were no serious injuries, however, the board had to be replaced again.

However, the board had to be replaced once again. Additionally, he had planned to sail a longer distance - 530 nautical miles - but had to abandon the voyage due to fatigue. He had to stop due to tiredness and had to drive the boat to the finish line.

Nevertheless, the achievement was credited. Now the data about it is sent to the organizing committee of «Guinness World Records», which will decide whether to include the record in the Book or not.

Keep in mind that the previous record for the longest trip on a kiteboard was set in February this year. At that time American Rimas Kinka covered 446 nautical miles.

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