Topaz was refuelled for almost half a million dollars

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How much does it cost to fuel a 147-metre megayacht? Sheikh Mansour bin Zayed Al Nahyan, the owner of Manchester City football club, has spent almost $500,000 on fuel for his superyacht Topaz while it is anchored in Turkish Marmaris, Anadolu Agency reports .

The 147-meter vessel could not find a long enough berth in a local marina, so Topaz had to moor at the port of Marmaris.

Six tankers filled with 730,000 liters of fuel were needed to fuel her.

The entire refueling procedure took around five hours.

Topaz is among the ten most expensive yachts in the world. She is valued at $442 mln. The yacht can take on board up to 64 guests. She is equipped with everything necessary for work and rest. On board Topaz has a large conference room, Jacuzzi, gym, swimming pool and cinema.

In October 2015, Topaz was spotted at the Sochi yacht port «Imeretinsky». So far, it is the largest yacht ever to visit the Russian port.

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