Sailing School «Power of the Wind» builds its monotype class

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The company «Power of the Wind», which specializes in teaching yachting and organizing sailing regattas, is building its own class of SV20 yachts.

It is being built at the Raketa Yachts shipyard in Nizhny Novgorod, which also produces the popular GP26 boats.

«In the designers' opinion, SV20 should become a worthy and budget-friendly alternative to J70, the latest racing yacht in the popular 20 foot size, which is used for example in National Sailing League races».

The main problem with the J70 is its heavyweight nature. These boats carry 23 square metres of sails and weigh 800kg, 250 of which is ballast. The SV20 will be almost a third lighter (550 kg) while maintaining the same sail area, promises project manager Alexander Meller.

Another feature of the SV20 will be a lifting keel, which will allow using the boat even in shallow water. It can be lifted from the water without a crane and transported on a trailer without special license category.

«SV20 is designed for smooth water or small coastal waves, for our country it is the best option for a sport boat. She's also very good on plane, much quicker than the SB20 or even the Melges»," he says.
The SV20 will cost less than a million roubles with the base model. That's three times cheaper than the J70.

The first hull is almost done. The representatives of «Force of the Wind» promise that it will be possible to race on the new 20 foot yacht this summer in Moscow. Let us remind you that the company organizes training regattas in the yacht club «Walnut Bay» on Pirogovskoye Reservoir.

«We sincerely believe that thanks to its price and the innovative ideas put into it, SV20 can become a cool all-Russian class, which will soon be used for competitions and just to ride just about everywhere», - summed up in «Force of the Wind».

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