Tabor goes out to sea

Tabor goes out to sea

As a team of tramps sailed to the Antarctic in cement to get rid of termites...
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On April 3rd, the only free screening of the documentary Sea Gypsies:«The Far Side of the World will take place at the Moscow Cinema«Cosmos at» VDNKh. Russian subtitles appeared in the film thanks to the guys from the sailing school «»Wind Power. They also agreed with Moskino to rent this film, which in Russia was called Sea«Tramps: A Journey to the End of the World.

Tabor goes out to sea.

When we started writing the news about Sea«Tramps,»or - literally - sea gypsies«, we were so fond»of the story of their adventures, that the news suddenly turned into an article. We will not go into details of their travels, not to spoil the impression of spoilers, but tell the background of this crazy trip.

So, in 2013, a team of amateur yachtsmen sailed across the ocean from New Zealand to Patagonia, South America, on a 36.5 meter sailing boat made of Infinity ferrocement. On the way they visited Antarctica, survived the ice storm in the Ross Sea, fought against poacher whalers and lost all their sails. One of the «gypsies», Niko Edwards, shot all their adventures on a regular SLR camera, and it was these shootings that formed the basis of the documentary, which subsequently won several awards at various film festivals. The director of the film had previously worked in boring office work, and he had studied the art of filming and video processing on the Internet - through video lessons on YouTube and blog posts. He shot in the 40-degree heat and 20-degree frost. In the end, the corrosion thoroughly corroded the body of the camera, but, glued with duct tape, it still worked.

Vegan boat

Launched in 1977 in Auckland, California, USA, this boat is probably the largest ferrocement vessel ever built.In one interview, Nico Edwards christened a sailboat made of concrete and metal as a floating bunker«. Sails for Infinity»were made of recycled materials that were recovered from the recycling of superyachts. The boat is even «greener» thanks to the installation of a large solar panel, which completely supplies the crew with electricity.

«Now it's a Vegan ship, whose crew is trying, as far as possible, to provide food only from local products,"»says Edwards, adding that Infinity is basically just a magnet for people who do not fit into the mainstream, set by society.

The first time Edwards got on board was almost by accident. He was looking for a sailboat to master the sea. In 2012, Edwards spent five months on Infinity. At the time, the boat was in Southeast Asia. The story that formed the basis of the Sea «Tramps took»place about a year later.

Cold vs. termites.

«One night, I got a call from Captain Clem. He said the boat had been flooded by tropical termites that couldn't get rid of. He heard that if you hold the boat for three days at a temperature below zero, it can work as an environmentally friendly, albeit extreme, method of disinfestation. To keep the boat so long in the cold, he thought of going across the Pacific to New Zealand and Patagonia, and on his way to Antarctica. He wanted to know if I wanted to join and film," said»Edwards.

The idea to walk 15 thousand nautical miles in 10 months on a boat that was not designed for the Arctic conditions seemed crazy to him, but he agreed. A few months later, Edwards joined the team in Micronesia.

On the film's website, there are many pictures of the Infinity crew building snowmen on the absolutely icy deck of the ship. The termites were definitely tight, but people were also hard.

«When you're three weeks away or further away, you hope to just die as fast and painlessly as possible. When you're alone at sea, you think anything, anything is possible. When you haven't seen the earth for months, you feel like you're having an endless day as a groundhog, you start to think that maybe you're trapped in this purgatory, - that's how Nico Edwards»remembered the storm in the sea Ross in one of his interviews.

To watch the film Sea «Tramps in Moscow at the beginning of April: a trip to the edge of the world with subtitles»from the Force of the Wind«, you need to»register through the service TimePad.

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