Maxi-trimaran, maxi-record

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The largest racing trimaran Spindrift 2 managed to break the record of crossing the Atlantic on the route of Christopher Columbus.

Before the crew. Spindrift 2. Frank Cammasa led the way on this route, completing the route in record time in 2007. Helmsmen Dona Bertarely and Yann Guichard beat him by 20 hours, 29 minutes and 32 seconds, covering the route in 6 days, 14 hours 29 minutes and 21 seconds. Dona is confident it will be difficult to beat him. «Gishar explains the secret of success as follows: a well-coordinated team, a good» weather window, a great route, a well-prepared and unoverloaded boat.

«We tried to imagine how these people felt when they landed after 30 days at sea," said Guichard. - That's also the magic of this record; the anchor of a story of great discovery».

Points of reference for those planning to break the record Spindrift 2:

Average speed - 24, 5 knots (on a theoretical 3,885-mile course)

Actual distance covered - 4,503 nautical miles at an average speed of 28.4 knots

Average speed 28.4 knots.

The greatest distance traveled in a day - 714.4 miles.

Best average speed per day - 29.7 knots

Top speed - 46.08 knots

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