Salt, speed and world record

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A quiet salt lake in Saline di Giro, France, on Monday shook the world speed record for kitesurfers on the water.

Alexander Kaiserges The saker, who was on hand for the first time in his career, sailed more than 500 metres at an average speed of 56.62 knots. That's 104.8 kilometres! It's scary even to write about it. The previous record, held by American Rob Douglas, was broken by 0.97 knots.

The fastest kitesurfer on the planet, Alex Kaiserges! In 2010 he was the first guy to break the legendary 100 km/h speed barrier.

The record was set at the young Sault and Speed competitions, held here for the second year in a row. Funny enough, the record might not have been set on that day, the official opening of the event was scheduled for November 13, but by the decision of the organizers it was postponed to November 11.

Now this day will officially go down in the annals of world sailing speeds.

The World Sailing Speed Record Council is responsible for it, and its representative was present at the event.

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