The sailing ship «Kruzenshtern» was not allowed to participate in the regatta

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The biggest training sailing ship in the world, the bark «Kruzenshtern», has been banned from taking part in the Falmouth Tall Ships Reg atta, which will be held in the UK from 28 August to 9 September.

The reason why the ship will not be able to race alongside other sailing ships is the investigation into the sinking of the tugboat, which is ongoing.

At the same time «Krusenstern» will be anchored at Falmouth docks and will be available for excursions.

Earlier in August tugboat Diver Master, which was helping the sailboat to leave the harbor, sank off the Danish coast. The small watercraft was connected to the barque by ropes, and while disconnecting the ropes, one of them got stuck and dragged the tug to «Kruzenshtern». As a result the tug tilted, filled with water and went to the bottom.

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