Tabor's leaving.

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While the adult yachtsmen were catching wind at the Sailing World Cup in Genoa, Italy last week, 300 kilometres away on Lake Garda, the young athletes had an equally large-scale training camp from 18 to 21 April. The 37th Lake Garda Meeting Optimist regatta was attended by 1164 participants from 40 countries!

The competition was held in two divisions: «juniors» (born in 2004-2008) and«cadets» (born in 2009-2010). The organizers had to divide the junior division into six navies.

The Russian national team inItaly was represented by 70 «juniors» and two «cadets». The best results were shown by Kirill Shunenkov (17th place among «juniors») and YaroslavSnimschikov (37th place among «cadets»). Second «cadet», Ilya Petukhov is 32nd in the silver fleet.

The winners of the competition were Marco Gradoni (Italy) and Eric Scheidt ( Brazil).

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