The new symbol of Paris

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The red and white IMOCA Initiatives Coeur Tanguy de Lamotte, which participated in the 2016-2017 Vendee Globe but did not finish due to a broken mast, was hoisted to the height of the first floor of the Eiffel Tower. The action was timed to coincide with the announcement of de Lamotte's participation in the next non-stop circumnavigation of the Vendee Globe, starting in 2020. Tanguy will compete on Jérémie Beyou 's Maître CoQ yacht, which will be named Initiatives Coeur and repainted in the colours of this charity that saves the lives of children with heart disease. Before the circumnavigation, the former Maître CoQ will be tested by the Transat Jacques Vabre regatta, in which de Lamotte will participate with English yachtswoman Sam Davies.

A smaller version of the Initiatives Coeur has even been launched into space aboard the ISS.

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