Battle on the Neva

European Champions League qualifying round ended in St. Petersburg

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On the final day of qualifying stage of European Champions Sailing League, which was held on the Neva River in the centre of St. Petersburg, 24 yacht clubs from 12 countries were exposed to very brisk wind conditions with gusts up to 33 knots. The yachtsmen had to struggle not so much with each other but with the weather: at the slightest error the boats broke into tossing. In the end the judges decided to have the last race without a gennaker.

Yachtsmen unanimously call the stage in St. Petersburg the best among those in which they participated in the League: strong currents, good wind and unpredictable conditions make the Neva water area one of the most difficult and interesting for sailing.

After 16 races, three Russian teams are in the top five of the strongest clubs in Europe. Moscow Igor Rytov's Navigator Sailing Team took the bronze medal. The team from Ekaterinburg «Lords of Sails - Europe» and «Lords of Sails - Asia» are in fourth and fifth places.

A total of 16 out of 24 teams made it to the Champions League finals, which kick off in Switzerland at the end of August. Of those, five are Russian teams. Apart from the above-mentioned leaders of the tournament table, the team «PIRogovo» (8th place) and Saint Petersburg Yacht Club team (11th place) reached the final. All competition results.

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