Window to Russia

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The French 30.5-meter eco-catamaran Energy Observer within the framework of the round-the-world voyage arrived to Russia. The vessel enteredSt. Petersburg on the night of June 16-17.

«After long hours of waiting the Blagoveshchensky Bridge, which connects Vasilievsky Island with the city centre, finally opened and allowed us to continue sailing down the Neva River behind the Scarlet Sails [the new symbol of the holiday of graduates - the brig Russia, note itBoat]. After that we passed peacefully by the landmarks of the city - the Hermitage, the Admiralty building, the Winter Palace... The whole crew will remember this entry into the city, which marked the culmination of our Northern European tour»," the Energy Observer crew wrote on the project's Facebook page.

Energy Observer is a former racing catamaran. In 2016, it was equipped with wind turbines, solar panels and a hydrogen engine powered by the electrolysis of seawater, making the boat completely independent of shore-based energy sources and even in the absence of wind, it produces no harmful emissions into the atmosphere.

Energy Observer's round-the-world voyage, promoting the use of renewable energy and other innovative green technologies, began in 2017. Since then, the catamaran has visited 22 countries. In total, the tour is designed for six years. During this time it is planned to call at 101 ports in 50 countries.

St. Petersburg became the 41st stop of Energy Observer. You will beable to see the unique catamaran in front of 10-th building at Admiralteyskayanaberezhnaya till June 20. After that the vessel will go tothe White Sea.

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