Transpac celebrates anniversary

The famous Los Angeles-Honolulu race will start for the 50th time

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One of the oldest offshore regattas in the world, the Transpasific Yacht Race (or simply Transpac) celebrates an anniversary in 2019: its fiftieth start. The race was first held 113 years ago, in June 1906. Back then, the crews of only three yachts decided to find out who could cover the distance from Los Angeles to Honolulu(Hawaii) the fastest. The route took them 12 days. During the anniversary race on July 10, 2019, more than 100 boats under the flags of at least seven countries will take to the start: USA, Mexico, Canada, Japan, Australia, Great Britain and Austria. Participating boats have gotten much faster over the past century, with the fastest boats now covering the 2,225 nautical mile distance in just 4 days.

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