Blessed «Amerigo Vespucci»

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The 82-metre Italian training sailing boat «Amerigo Vespucci» (1930) sees off more than 2,000 boats competing in the 51st edition of the Barcolana regatta, which started in Trieste on 13 October.

The winner of this «Barcolana» was the 24m yacht Way of Life by the Slovenian Gašper Vinčec .» Vinčec and his crew were to compete in the regatta on a rented Morning Glory, one of today's fastest racing boats, but the charter broke down and the Slovenian went racing on his own «ordinary sailing boat. Way of Life was not the favourite of the regatta, but managed to squeeze the maximum out of the very weak winds that prevailed at the start «Barcolana» and won unexpectedly! And all this because the team decided instead of a large Code Zero sail to put a small sail «windsicker», more sensitive to the weakest winds.

The Barcolana regatta was first held in 1969. At that time it was a race for locals, in which 51 boats participated. Today Barcolana is the most massive regatta ever held with more than 2000 boats participating and 15.000 sailors from many countries. Very beautiful pictures
«of the sea of sails»« Barcolana» are taken by Carlo Borlenghi , you can admire
them on his Facebook community.

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