The raging elements

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A storm hitMalta on Saturday, February 23.

By the next morning it had taken on the proportions of a natural disaster, with winds of up to 70 knots, according to Malta Today.

The force of the elements was felt not only on the coast, where waves up to 13 meters flooded the first floors of buildings, but also in the interior of the island: across the country fallen and broken trees and poles of power lines.

«Admittedly, it was not without curiosities: the same gigantic waves brought many fish to shore, and the most intrepid locals were able» to fish with their bare hands directly on the roads. «Another wave almost swept one of these» fishermen into the sea, but luckily he was rescued by his comrades.

And no less intrepid photographers, among themKurt Ar rigo,got a chance to take frightening and beautiful pictures of the raging elements. The lighthouse pictured here is located at the Grand Harbour.

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