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The brand Flabria produced aft cockpit sailboats and center cockpit sailboats. There are no current models in production but you can learn more about the production of the brand in “Discontinued models“ section.


Company history

Flabria Shipyard belongs to relatively young Polish shipbuilders. Its resemblance to them is, perhaps, exhausted. Flabria has not followed the path of Delphia - a wide model range, reasonable price and a large production volume, or Balt Yacht - production of relatively small and inexpensive yachts.

Flabria immediately started to make vessels of the highest quality and the same price. The shipyard uses only high quality materials, does not save on manpower and technical solutions, on the contrary, all attention is paid to the quality of manufacturing of its vessels. First of all, the company aimed at the foreign market, so most of the boats produced were sent to foreign customers.

Status .

Currently Flabria has stopped building yachts.

Production .

The company had a small factory in the small Polish village of Bojano near Gdansk. The company did not use the services of dealers and made boats exclusively to order, customizing each model to suit individual customer needs.

Model range

The range of Flabria boats includes fiberglass boats from 10 to 15 meters in length. The portfolio includes cruising yachts with Mediterranean and central cockpit. These are rugged ocean class yachts ready for severe weather conditions.

Features .

The company has been slowly updating its product lines and offered only carefully designed boats with an emphasis on quality. Flabria was a rare guest at yacht shows and hardly spent any money on advertising, but nevertheless the shipyard's products were known and even during the crisis 2008-2010 the company had orders.

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