Shipyard Saare

Estonia, Narva

Saare Yachts OÜ


The brand Saare produces aft cockpit sailboats and center cockpit sailboats. There are 5 models currently in production ranging from 11 to 15 meters. We invite you to explore all current and older models from Saare and contact us for sales and pricing information.

The Saare lineup

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About the shipyard Saare

Company history

«At the Helsinki Boat Show 2007 I had lunch with Stig Nordblag, founder of Finngulf Yachts. We talked about life and sailboats. The Stig had recently retired and complained that he was already tired of his only hobby - washing his car. And so we decided to start something new. Here we have formed the vision of the new brand and the concept of the first yacht. The name Saare came a little later», -

remembers Peeter Sääsk, Managing Director of Saare Yachts OÜ.

The Estonian shipyard opened in 1991 with the construction of fiberglass hulls for Finnish brand Finngulf. The company turned to former Finngulf designer Karl-Johan Stråhlmann to design its own models. The first boat under the brand name Saare was launched in 2008. The client was Finngulf founder Stig Nordblag, who acted as business consultant for the project. In 2016, the shipyard changed owners. Thomas Nielsen, Saare's distributor in Germany, has already done a lot to develop the brand.


It's working.

Manufacture .

The shipyard's workshops and office are located on the island of Saaremaa in the Estonian part of the Baltic Sea. The company is small and employs about 30 people in its permanent staff. The production volume is limited by the size of the shipyard and in the best years is several dozens. All operations of manufacturing of fibreglass plastic cases, wooden elements and an interior are carried out manually. During the years of cooperation with Finngulf, the company has absorbed the philosophy of Scandinavian quality. Boats made under the brand name Saare are often put on a par with such greats of the industry as Najad, Malo, Hallberg-Rassy. The shipyard and the yachting experts have not been overlooked: the Saare 41 has been nominated for the 2010 European Luxury Yacht Award.

Model range

For 2019 the company's models are available in 3 sizes 38, 41 and 46 feet. The Saare 38 has an aft cockpit layout, while the Saare 46 has a central protected cockpit. The Saare 41 has two versions of ac and cc², with the aft cockpit and central cockpit respectively.


The young company took the risk of entering the high-seas luxury yacht segment, displacing the ranks of this elite club. A commitment to classical architecture has determined the choice of constructive solutions.

Saare boats are not designed for the comfort of lovers of carefree Mediterranean holidays. The shipyard follows the paradigm of Scandinavian boats, designed for long and safe sailing in the harshest conditions. The absolute architectural attributes are the deepened and narrowed aft hull bezels, the low centre of gravity, the hard windscreen protected cockpit and the many perfectly adapted wooden elements. It is noted that the shipyard keeps the price bar slightly below direct competitors.