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Great Britain

The brand Topper produces racing dinghies. There is 1 model currently in production of 4.4 meters. We invite you to explore all current and older models from Topper and contact us for sales and pricing information.

Topper Model Range

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Company history

The British company Topper Sailboats owes its origin to the Shortboat of the same name, which was designed in the late 1970s by British designer, yachtsman and writer Ian Proctor.

The Topper class dinghy dinghy was conceived as a fiberglass dinghy, but in the late 1970s British entrepreneur John Dunhill together with ICI started experimental production of dinghybots made of molded polypropylene. Successful experience was the basis for the creation of Topper International, which was taken under the wing of the same Guinness Leisure (top manager of the company was a fan of Topper).

In 1983, Martin Fry bought the company from GuinnessĀ«. Production was transferred to Germany, but in the early 90's returned to the UK. Since then, the company is based in Ashford.

In the early 2000s Topper Sailboats significantly developed its range of dinghies and catamarans. There were boats for all ages, weights and levels of training. From WWS dinghies for young and beginners to trapezoidal catamarans.


It's working.

Model range

The developed Topper Sailboats product line can fully support the fleet of any sailing school or yacht club. There are models for beginners (WWS, Taz, Topaz), club racers for juniors (Argo, Omega), adult training (Vibe, Xenon) and shells for experienced yachtsmen (Topaz catamarans).

After 40 years of production and 50,000 hulls sold, Topper remains one of the most popular dinghies in the world, making the design and weaponry look outdated.

The Shrewbot is popular throughout the British Empire, from Ireland to Australia. Since 1996 the world championship in class Topper is held.

Production .

Topper Sailboats is manufactured in Afshord, Kent, UK. The company employs around a hundred people.

Features .

The production of boats from pressed polypropylene was made possible by experiments with the Topper class in the late 1970s. The result is a strong and reliable boat that does not require maintenance. Further, the manufacturing process was improved to allow for the production of more complex hulls.

But the idea has always remained the same: light, strong club boats for all ages, not requiring expensive care.

And the marketing activity of the company has added many types of weapons to the bodies.