Builder Cutwater

US, Washington, D.C.

17341 Tye St S.E., 98272

The brand Cutwater produces enclosed boats and outboard boats. There are 8 models currently in production ranging from 8 to 11 meters. We invite you to explore all current and older models from Cutwater and contact us for sales and pricing information.

Cutwater Model Range

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The young brand with the bird's-eye name Cutwater (watercutter) was the answer to the requirements of the 21st century yacht market by the solid and far not young American company Fluid Motion. Since 1958, the men of the Levingston family have been building the well-known Ranger Tugs» pocket «tugboats in Washington State. For a long time these compact trawlers remained among the symbols of a quiet walking fleet, but with the change of generations the demand for this type of vessels has fallen, and the shipyard has made a radical maneuver, betting on high-speed boats for family holidays.

This is how Cutwater appeared - boats with stationary motors and interesting transitional hulls, distinguished by the presence of a ventilated cross-redan and a fake that turns into skegas. The geometry of the hull, which is unusual for such a size class, allows for efficient fuel consumption, good stability and habitability. The combination of these factors, together with branded «teddy bears such as» the wide transom platform, additional control station and the aft sofa with tilting backrest, immediately made the Cutwater one of its kind. Thanks to its compact size, the Cutwater is suitable for carriage on a trailer.