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The brand Jetten produces displacement yachts and steel yachts. There are 4 models currently in production ranging from 12 to 20 meters. We invite you to explore all current and older models from Jetten and contact us for sales and pricing information.

Jetten Model Range


Company history

The Dutch Jetten was founded by brothers Marcel & Sander Jetten. Since 1997 the shipyard has been building yachts which are popular not only in the Netherlands, but also all over Europe, especially in Germany and Switzerland.

At first the company specialized in displacement boats made of steel with trawler appearance. However, now the manufacturer has expanded its model range to cover a younger segment of customers.

The classic boats have been added with a modern look, while the new models have the same Jetten style as the first series.

In 2014, the Jetten 35 AC won the prestigious European Powerboat of the Year award at the Düsseldorf show. Three years later, another boat, Jetten Beach 45, repeated its success in the same class.

Status .

Today the shipyard continues its work and constantly takes part in all important boat shows.


The production facilities of the company are located in one of the centers of yachting culture of the Netherlands - the city of Snick (Friesland) - and allow to build about 35 hulls per year plus fulfill subcontract orders for other shipyards. The enterprise has launched more than 330 vessels.

Model range

Jetten builds aluminium and steel yachts from 11 to 24 metres in length. Besides serial and semi-custom boats the shipyard is engaged in realization of projects under individual orders.

The famous Cor D. Rover studio worked on the design of Beach series. The line consists of light alloy semi-displacement yachts. Steel models include displacement boats as well as Aft Cabin type boats. This series will be of interest to customers who wish to customize their interior spaces.

The Bommelaer series consists of hardcore boats. vintage steamersbuilt in the style of the 20s and 30s.


It only took the shipyard two decades to gain worldwide recognition. Now the order book, which has been painted 1.5-2 years ahead, is a very common situation for Jetten. Relatively small production volumes allow the shipyard to build boats with traditional Dutch quality. Also it is not necessary to forget, that on each new project famous design studios work.

Discontinued Models

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