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The brand Alaska Motor Yachts produces expedition yachts and trawlers and semi-displacement yachts. There are 8 models currently in production ranging from 13 to 19 meters. We invite you to explore all current and older models from Alaska Motor Yachts and contact us for sales and pricing information.

Alaska Motor Yachts Model Range

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History of the company

In the '60s, the Australian family...Li-Smith decided to try their hand at the shipbuilding business and founded Alaska Motor Yachts. The shipyard's firstborn was a wooden 49-foot Explorer designed by Robert S. Hubbard. Designed by Robert S. Doris. Several other projects came to fruition, allowing the company to establish a strong position in the trawler-type boat market in Australia and New Zealand by 1970.

With the development of technology, the company has moved to a more modern material - fiberglass, which made it possible to implement more complex and interesting projects. Alaska continues to be a family company, passing the reins from generation to generation.

Company status

Today Alaska Motor Yachts is building semi-custom vessels. There are no casual people among the clients, the boats of the shipyard are chosen by seafarers with rich experience.

«Our clients are typically experienced yachtsmen, and their new Alaska is not usually the first boat, they know exactly what they want,"»said shipyard manager Dean Lee-Smith.

Production .

From the beginning, the company did not have any production facilities and used the services of Hong Kong shipyards, but this does not affect the quality and reliability. For all the time Alaska has managed to produce more than 100 boats, and about 70 of them remain on the go. Among them you can also find copies from the first series.

The company also has workshops and a marina in Australia, where it provides services for the repair, maintenance, storage and sale of yachts.

Model range

The model lineup of the company includes fiberglass semi-displacement explorer with length from 13 to 19 meters. The yachts are designed in classic trawler style with large windows, spacious light interior and rich living spaces.

Features .

The choice of hull material in favour of fibreglass instead of aluminium or steel, traditional for this class of vessel, allowed the shipyard to reduce its weight. This also gave the shipyard an advantage in productivity and reduced fuel consumption. Alaska Motor Yachts boats are economical and capable of high speeds compared to similar models of other manufacturers with metal hulls.

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