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Model range

The brand Marino produces enclosed Boats and outboard Boats. There are 10 models from 4 to 10 meters in the current model range from 8 lines: APB, Barracuda, Cobra, Junior, Mustang, Rocca, Shark and Swing.


Company history

Marino is a pioneer of GRP boats in Finland. The activity of this shipyard began in 1958 in Kulosaari, a suburb of Helsinki, where the company's founder, boat enthusiast Tor-BjörnFagerström, lived. A chemist by training, he was able to see in the new material, fiberglass, the great prospects for the boat industry at that time. Fagerström threw all his energy into the innovative direction, leaving his work at the Bensow shipyard, where he met no understanding.

He had to build his first boats in a garage. Then production moved to the wing of the market pavilion in Hanko, where the food trade continued at the same time. In 1965 the company finally acquired its own production site in Yokela, but the boats were equipped and handed over to the owners in the same Kulosaari.

In 1967 the shipyard moved its production to Söderkulla, east of Helsinki. The Sipoo river flowing here allowed to test the hulls produced at once. And in 1988, the production moved to the west of the country, in Söderkulla remained the head office of the company and a showroom.

All these site changes were due not only to increasing demand and the number of models, but also to their size and quality.

Today, the company is not limited to the production of boats, acting as a subcontractor for the production of fiberglass and wood (and she has learned how to perfectly combine these two different materials) for other shipbuilders, the automotive industry and the water entertainment industry. Marino boats are popular not only in Finland, but they are also actively exported to European countries and Russia.

Company status

Marino is a titled manufacturer of quality boats and yachts, still operating today. Now it is a family business that for Finland is usual business.


The high-end custom Marino boats are handmade. The production, after numerous trips, finally settled in Pännäinen in western Finland, near the coast of the Gulf of Bothnia.

Model range

The company's 4 to 10 m long models include very simple beginner's motorboats, advanced cockpit boats and small cruising yachts, including flybridge ones. The shipyard's concept APB (all purpose boat, multi-purpose boat) is also worth mentioning. They are versatile boats for different conditions of use, combining the features of different types of boats thanks to a well thought out construction and transformable elements.

Features .

Marino boats enjoy well-deserved popularity. They have been awarded the title «of Boat of the Year» more than 20 times. There are many reasons for this, including the quality, reliability, innovative approach and priority of safety on board. And the most titled model was Marino APB 27, created under the same concept APB.

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