Builder Key Largo

Italy, Bergamo

Sessa International Srl

Via Cortenuova, 21/23 - Cividate al Piano, 24050

Model range

The brand Key Largo produces cuddy Cabin Boats and outboard Boats. There are 10 models from 5 to 13 meters.


Company history

The famous Italian pleasure boat brand Key Largo dates back to 1980, when the parent company Sessa Marine increased its production capacity and revised its priorities. Mambo, Samba and Sunshine, together with Key Largo, were replaced by Oyster. and the Key West (the latter are not functioning today). Today, the company has an impressive network of dealers and more than 10,000 boats have been launched under the KL brand.

Status .

It's working.


The company is constantly increasing its capacity throughout the entire operation. The boats are now under construction at facilities in Bergamo, the Florida plant opened in 2006, and by 2015 another plant in Brazil was launched. Every year Sessa Marine builds more than 1000 boats, most of which are Key Largo boats.

Model range

The range includes two lines: Inboard - fixed motor boats and Outboard - outboard motor boats. The portfolio includes small models with caddy cockpit, comfortable cockpit cruise boats, and the smallest ones are offered with central console.

Features .

The slogan of the company is «to do well», so the shipyard produces reliable quality boats and controls every production process. The designers take into account an extensive list of regulations of states for which Key Largo boats are designed. Together with the expansion of production and the growth of sales outlets, the company does not forget to develop a service network and customers never have problems with maintenance and repair.

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