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Model range

The brand Wooldridge produces aluminum boats and fishing Boats. There are 15 models from 5 to 8 meters.


Company history

Glen Wooldridge, a passionate fisherman, hunter and traveler, built his first boat in far 1915 with the sole purpose of going down the troubled Horn River in Oregon. However, the very process of designing and manufacturing boats that could navigate almost any river, even the most challenging, was so fascinating to Glenn that other projects soon followed. Originally they were wooden boats. Later on, based on the peculiarities of ship operation in the waters of the Northwest USA (mountain shallow rivers with fast flow), aluminum was chosen as the hull material. Today this family company is run by a third generation Woldridge, who, like his grandfather, is named Glen, and his son Grant is involved in boat design.


Wooldridge Boats is building boats to this day, showing good sales dynamics.

Production .

Wooldridge boats are handmade in a small factory in Seattle, Washington. The same building houses a cozy showroom where visitors can learn about the company's models and history.

Model range

The range of products of the shipyard includes both closed cabin boats 6-7 m long and open light boats from 5 to 6.3 m, which are traditionally emphasized by the company. Among them are flat-bottomed jumbo boats, which can be equipped with water-jet outboard or stationary engines, or classic outboard motors. The manufacturer does not pursue the aesthetics of shapes and lines - the main focus is on performance and running characteristics, and professionals will appreciate this approach. Of course, this is an American quality and attractive product. The range of applications for Wooldridge boats is very wide: recreation, fishing (including sports), hunting, rescue, research and conservation.


Wooldridge is a kind of perfect, polished by time and experience of boat designers, it reads the passion of the Wooldridge family to travel and overcome difficult routes passed down from generation to generation. If you look closely, the seemingly simple hulls of boats will reveal a host of signature improvements designed to improve their performance. So, for example, the stern tunnel - this keel «is the opposite,»which can perform the functions of a regular keel on junboats built specifically for use in shallow waters.

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