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315 W. Saint Julien St. St. Peter, MN 56082

Model range

The brand Alumacraft produces aluminum boats and fishing Boats. There are 72 models from 3 to 7 meters in the current model range from 18 lines: All Weld Jon, All Weld MV, Bay, Classic, Competitor, Competitor FSX, Competitor Shadow, Crappie Deluxe, Edge, Escape, Pro, Prowler, Summit, Tournament Pro, Trophy, V, Voyageur and Waterfowler.

All Weld MV


History of the company

The American brand Alumacraft was created in 1946 with the aim to produce innovative aluminum boats for those times.

The parent company, Flour City, has been known since 1893, when the German emigrant Eugene Tetzlaff decided to open a forge in Minneapolis (Minnesota) for the production of decorative hedges. The beginning proved to be viable, the range of products gradually expanded. World War II led to contracts for the production of aircraft parts and aluminum pontoons. After the war, the shipyard switched to the production of pleasure boats made of aluminium and quickly found its customers.

Alumacraft rowing boats and canoes won over their wooden counterparts in weight, strength and durability.

In 1957 the shipyard was separated from Flour City. In 1958 the company began producing fiberglass boats (series Alumaglass). In 1964, after the shipyard became a part of Alpex Corporation, fiberglass boats of the shipyard were called Alpex, and aluminum boats kept their former name. In the 70's, production moved north to Minnesota, with the inclusion of General Marine (Arkansas) with its experience in manufacturing flat-bottomed fishing boats, typical of the southern states.

Jubilee for itself 1996 Alumacraft has met with solid luggage: more than 500 thousand boats launched on water from 10 to 20 feet long.

Production .

The Alumacraft plant is located in St. Peter, Minnesota. Here, on an area of approximately 100,000 square meters, a team of 175 specialists produces various types of aluminium fishing boats. The company, along withLund иCrestliner (part of Brunswick Corporation) forms the top three shipyards in Minnesota. The boats are manufactured from special «high thickness marine» aluminum, which ensures long service life and unpretentious maintenance.

Model range

The rich Alumacraft range includes aluminium outboard fishing boats from 3 to 6.3 m in length, with a V-shaped or flat bottom, which are also available in various modifications to better meet the needs and capabilities of users.

Features .

For more than half a century of struggle for the market, the company has introduced serious improvements to its boats, including hulls made of a solid piece of aluminum, 2XB Hull technology (double-bottomed hull), the use of all-welded bends, large and therefore few aircraft rivets, decks with carpeting, etc. The company's boats have a wide range of options to meet the needs of users. Rigid hulls allow transporting Alumacraft boats on a trailer even with two transom motors. The company traditionally shows independence in a complete set of boats by outboard motors that on a hand to the consumer who has a choice.

Discontinued models

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