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The brand XO produces aluminum boats and outboard boats. There are 9 models currently in production ranging from 7 to 9 meters. The current model range includes 3 lines: DFNDR, DSCVR and EXPLR. We invite you to explore all current and older models from XO and contact us for sales and pricing information.

XO Model Range

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Company history

Rough northern waters give birth to real sailors and excellent shipbuilders. XO Boats entered the market in 2009 and became famous for its reliable boats designed for severe conditions. The company has its origins in two experienced ships, Sakari Mattila and Erkki Talvela.

In 2012, the successfully developing brand was bought by the Finnish Em Group, but the founding fathers have not abandoned their brainchild and are actively involved in the work of the company.


The XO Boats Shipyard continues its work and every year the admirers are delighted with the renewal of the model range.

Production .

The company's production facilities are located in the suburbs of Helsinki on the Gulf of Finland coast. The boats are designed by the famous Jarkko Jämsén studio - Navia Design.

Model range

The company updates its model range and introduces a «modular construction» system. The XO 260 hull has already been presented, which can be ordered in four versions at once - with open deck, closed saloon (SUVs with trawler cabin), T-top and DFNDR.

In any case, the company is unlikely to change the concept, and will continue to build fast and durable boats ready to operate in harsh conditions.


CHO boats are appreciated for their thoughtful design and construction. The deep V-shaped hull combined with a powerful engine provides a stable ride in any water area. At first glance, the ascetic design looks poor, but in fact everything is always in place at the shipyard, and the lack of expensive interior decoration turns into an additional advantage.