Builder Parker

US, Fort Beaufort

Parker Marine Enterprises, Inc.

2570 NC Hwy 101

Model range

The brand Parker produces fishing Boats and outboard Boats. There are 11 models from 5 to 10 meters in the current model range from 2 lines: Center Console and Sport Cabin.


History of the company

The American shipyard Parker Marine was created in the late 60's. Its founder, Lynwood Parker, spent his childhood in Harkers Island, North Carolina, in the troubled coastal region known as the "Atlantic Cemetery". It was a land of self-taught fishermen and shipwreckers who knew the price of a good boat. Young Lynwood was helping them with the blueprints. The impressions of communicating with these people further influenced Parker's company ideology: not to chase after quantity, paying more attention to quality, reliability and ease of use.

That's why shipyard boats are more expensive than entry-level boats.

"We don't want to be a mass-produced; many of our customers had four boats each until they realised it was enough to have one of ours," says Lynwood Parker.


Parker ships are manufactured in Beaufort, North Carolina, at a well-equipped 23,000 sqm facility. The shipyard produces about 450 classic fishing boats per year. All additional equipment for Parker boats (electronics, seats, fishing towers) is produced in USA. On average it takes 6 weeks to assemble one boat.

The lineup

The company produces fiberglass fiberglass outboard boats with outboard engine for sport fishing as a cabin type, and open boats with central console. Their lengths vary from 5.5 to 11 meters.


Customers note the honesty of the manufacturer as well as the quality and durability of the boats. Claims make less than 1 percent of realised production.

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