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Model range

The brand Oxygene Yachts produces power Catamarans. There are 1 model 23.5 meters.


History of the company

Oxygene Yachts is a young French company that builds luxury motor cruise catamarans. The shipyard's first yacht, the 24m Air 77, was presented at the 2013 Cannes Yacht Festival. The catamaran stood out from the competition with its unusual futuristic design.

Designer Frédéric Sarfati and entrepreneur Raphaël Krepser have the idea of building a motorized catamaran in harmony with the environment and with spacious living areas. They solved the problem by creating a catamaran with smooth lines drawing the silhouette in perfect harmony with the rest of the elements, offering a beautiful apartment of 280 sqm surrounded by three outdoor decks.

Already in 2014 the company has expanded its model range with three new catamarans designed by the same Frederick Sarfati. All new models, in general, continue the tradition established by the Air 77 model.

In the same year Oxygene Yachts entered into a partnership agreement with Couach Shipyard aimed at improving existing yachts and developing new models.


It's working.


The construction of Oxygene Yachts catamarans under a partnership agreement is being carried out at Couach Shipyard in the French town of Goujean-Mestra, with 300 employees on a permanent basis. The construction of catamarans uses carbon fiber, fiberglass and other modern composite materials. Also expensive woods are used in interior decoration.

Model range

Oxygene Yachts specializes in luxury motor cruising catamarans from 19 to 30 meters in length. Design features allow Oxygene Yachts to get as close as possible to the shoreline and enter small bays and coves.

The catamaran design also provides a straight line from stern to bow through the cockpit and a huge doorway at the front of the cabin. An upward-opening door, powered by an electrically operated hydraulic system, leads to the flybridge dedicated to the solarium.

Oxygene Yachts offer large living areas from 200 to 400 square meters.


All Oxygen Yachts catamarans are handmade to order. Buyers can make suggestions for changes in design and finish.

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