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Model range

The brand HeySea produces flybridge Yachts. There are 4 models from 16 to 28 meters.


Company history

Heysea Yachts (Haixing, «Starfish») was founded over 10 years ago by three ambitious Chinese engineers. Through internships in various parts of the world, they gained a global vision of the yachting industry and were able to assess the place of China in it.

The company began its journey in 2004, initially producing and selling floating houses primarily for Hong Kong. But as early as 2007 Heysea began to refit for the production of large motor yachts. The financial crisis corrected the initial plan for global expansion and the company had to focus on the domestic market for the time being. Having thoroughly studied the needs and lifestyle of local clients, the company has achieved serious success. So, already in 2009 Heysea has entered the top 10 Chinese shipyards.

Since 2012 the company confidently holds the title of the best Chinese yacht builder.

Most of the company's clients are from China, Hong Kong, Philippines and other East Asian countries. However, the shipyard is expanding its network of offices around the world, focusing on the American and Australian markets. Some of the models are designed to meet the needs of American customers, with Heysea boats costing significantly less than those of Western competitors.

Status .

Heysea is one of the fastest growing shipyards in the world. The management of the company believes that within the next 10 years the shipyard will be among the ten best shipyards in the world in the segment of yachts 40-60 m. Heysea - one of the fastest growing shipyards in the world.

Production .

The shipyard's production facilities are located on an area of almost 67,000 square meters in Jiangmen in Southern China. From the very beginning, the company has focused on building yachts in the medium and large size ranges. The shipyard's team consists of 400 highly qualified specialists, and the Heysea design office is very strong. Semi-custom and custom luxury yachts were originally built in composite, but recently the shipyard has also been producing yachts with steel hull and composite superstructure.

Model range

The boats of the shipyard, which are mainly flybridge yachts and superyachts, form four main series, with boat sizes ranging from 9.3 to 46.8 m. The shipyard is proud of the Asteria superyacht range (models 29 to 41 m long) and Sealink 152, the largest vessel of the shipyard (46.8 m).


Heysea is a leader in production of medium and large yachts in China. The company was at the origin of the Chinese yachting industry. In 2018, it won the Best «Superyacht Manufacturer in Asia Pacific and»was ranked 16th in the Worldwide Manufacturer's Ranking and the only Chinese shipyard in this list.

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