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Model range

The brand Advance Cruising produces racing Multihulls. There are 1 model 8.9 meters.


Company history

The young brand Advance Cruising was born in 2010. The start was an ambitious idea to design a new generation sailboat that will combine the advantages of a single and multihull yacht. The result was presented at Salon International du Multicoque in France in 2013.

Advance Cruising presented the C329 trimaran with an unusual body design. The floats can be folded to vary the vessel's dimensions in water from 6.02 to 3 meters. First of all it is convenient at mooring in marina. On land, the floats are placed close to the hull for transport, which reduces the width by another 0.5 metres (up to 2.55 metres).

Status .

Keeps working.

Production .

The company does not have its own production facilities. Construction is underway at the Rolgard Marine shipyard in Tunis. The project Advance Cruising C329 was designed by naval architect Paolo Bisol and the Rivoyre Ingenierie studio. The construction period of the new boat after the order is about 10 months.

Model range

At the time of writing, in 2019, the company has one model in its range - the C329. In the basic configuration the sailing cruise catamaran is delivered with a hull made of aluminium, but at will of the client the boat can be made of carbon plastic. The multihull has received ascetic functional design. There are no superfluous luxury goods and expensive finishing, every detail is in its place.


Advance Cruising was indeed able to offer a unique design. The company owns the patent for the Roll «& Slide sliding hull. In order to increase the stability of the catamaran in the water (when the floats are folded), a retractable keel is additionally installed.

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