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The brand Feeling produced aft cockpit sailboats and lifting keel sailboats. There are no current models in production but you can learn more about the production of the brand in “Discontinued models“ section.

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Company's history

The Feeling brand was born from the famous Privilege Marine shipyard in Sabre d'Olonne, located on the Atlantic Ocean. Under the new brand name, the company has been producing single hull sailing boats for long journeys.

Company status

After Privilege Marine joined Hanse Yachts in 2017, the Feeling brand ceased to exist.


Feeling yachts were produced at the Privilege shipyard in France. The yard was located on 12,000 square meters and had direct access to the sea, so all boats were tested in real conditions.
To prepare the sailboats for transatlantic crossings, a package «of ocean options» was developed for buyers. These included energy-saving equipment, alternative energy sources, emergency set of navigation equipment and much more.

Model range

The company finished its work with two series, which included models with central or protected cockpit, which gave additional safety in case of strong rocking, yachts withdeksalon and a lifting keel.

The Original range was designed with the participation of the famous rider Vendee Globe Alessandro di Benedetto. That's why the boats in the series were characterized by responsive handling. The Cruiser series included comfortable sailing boats from 48 to 55 feet in length. Several layouts and interiors were available for customers to choose from.

Feeling features

The main feature of Feeling was the lifting keel in basic configuration. The choice in favour of such design was not accidental. The water washing the Sabre d'Olonne is famous for its strong tides, so the lifting structure was not so much a luxury as a necessity.

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