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Germany, Greifswald

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Ladebower Chaussee 11

The brand Moody produces center cockpit sailboats and deck saloon sailboats. There are 4 models currently in production ranging from 12 to 18 meters. We invite you to explore all current and older models from Moody and contact us for sales and pricing information.

Moody Model Range

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The history of the company

Once upon a time, in the early 19th century, John Moody, a local fisherman and skipper, lived in Swanwick, South England, near Southampton. He often had to fix his boat and, with time, he began to repair the boats of his colleagues. In 1827, he founded a repair shop. His company also gradually started building small boats, but repairs remained the main business of the family shipyard for many years. The founder's grandson, Alexander Herbert Moody, completed the transition from repair to production one hundred years later. The first Vindilis, designed by T. Moody. Designed by T. Harrison Butler, the first yacht was completed in 1935, marking a new era for the shipyard.

In 1965 Moody built the first fiberglass yacht Solar 40, and in 1969 the first boat with Carbineer 46 deck salon. The 1973 oil crisis and the ensuing market downturn forced Moody to join Marine Projects, a Princess yacht builder. During the years of cooperation, the partners produced up to 400 sailboats of 27-64 feet in length each year. In 30 years of cooperation they have developed 39 models and sold more than 4200 boats. The architects Bill Dixon and Angus Primrose were responsible for the engineering part. In the early 2000s the collaboration stopped. Moody ceased to be family and in 2005 was sold to Premier Marinas, which stopped production a year later. In 2007 the brand was taken over by Hanse Yachts, which launched a new range of Moody yachts. As in the past, the company Bill Dixon was invited to develop models.

Status .

Works in the Hanse Yachts group.


Moody's production is concentrated at Hanse Yachts' main plant in Greifswald. The brand is well represented by dealers all over the world.

Model range

Under the Moody brand, glass composite sailing yachts with deck saloon and 40-55 feet of open cockpit are produced. The company offers an extensive customization program through a configurator available on the yard's website.

Features .

When it comes to Moody yachts, the first thing that comes to mind is the unique concept of boats with deck saloon, which makes sailing more comfortable. The deck saloon provides a panoramic view and maximum natural light, while the lower deck cabins have more space. Excellent seaworthiness, reliability and build quality are provided by default.

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