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Model range

The brand Cantieri Capelli produces outboard Boats and rigid Inflatable Boats (RIBs). There are 1 model 5.5 meters.


History of the company

The history of Cantieri Capelli began with the love of Davide Capelli for the beauty of the famous Po River in Italy, and his creativity helped to create the first boats and led to the foundation of the shipyard in 1974. Initially the company was engaged in the production of river boats, and with the arrival of his son David Umberto Capelli, the range was expanded to include sports canoes.

Significantly for the shipyard was 1986, when the first fishing boat was built and presented at the Genoa Fair. The boat became very popular and brought the company a new flow of clients.

In 1992 a diversification of production took place and a range of inflatable boats with GRP keel was produced, allowing Cantieri Capelli to occupy another large market segment.


Nowadays the shipyard continues to work successfully and every year presents new models to its admirers.


Cantieri Capelli boats are built in the Spinadesko factory. Here the serial production is set up and the advanced developments of shipbuilding are involved. In the workshops of the shipyard a full cycle of works is carried out, which includes casting of hull parts from fiberglass, painting, manufacturing of joinery for interior elements, assembly of boats and installation of equipment.

Model range

Today the range is divided into two large categories - boats and RIBs with lengths from 2 to 10 meters. The design of all boats provides for the installation of outboard motors. The category of boats includes the following lines: Osia line, designed specifically for fishing; Dino line - cabin boats with hardtop and closed cabin; CAP line, consisting of boats with caddy cabin and several models with central console; Freedom line - small and fast boats.

RIBs are subdivided into seven lines, which cover almost the entire segment of boats with inflatable boards for water recreation. Here you will find large luxury cabin models, tenders for superyachts, special purpose boats and even models for one or two people.


The popularity of Cantieri Capelli boats is quite natural. The products of the shipyard are characterised by their carefully thought-out design, and each element and construction undergoes numerous tests to ensure reliability and safety. Quality resins, sea plywood, whole teak, stainless steel, neoprene Hypalon Pennel Flipo and other materials are also used in production.

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