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US, Hartsville

Model range

The brand Stingray produces deck Boats and outboard Boats. There are 21 models from 5 to 8 meters in the current model range from 4 lines: Cuddies / Cruiser, Deck Boats, Sport Boats and Sport Decks.


Company history

Al Fink founded Stingray in 1979. At the start he had two molds, a handful of skilled craftsmen and a passion for perfection. Originally focused on the family business, he eventually brought together a large family of «buyers», dealers, craftsmen and sellers around the Stingray brand.

At Stingray, they were never afraid to experiment. This was confirmed by numerous industry firsts: the «first» to use the Z-plane enclosure, the first to build a modern robotic factory and the launch of a complete website.

In 1999, when low styrene and gelcoat resins became available, Stingray was the first U.S. shipyard to use them in production. These materials comply with California's strict environmental rule 1162, which regulates work with polyester resins. The combination of low VOC materials combined with the latest spraying equipment (low pressure, high temperature) has reduced harmful emissions for Stingray boats by more than 30%.

Each new Stingray is fitted with a tread to help avoid fuel spills during refueling. The shipyard exclusively equips its boats with four-stroke outboard motors, which are several times cleaner than two-stroke engines, not to mention fuel saving.

Being a leader in marine environmental technology is not just a Stingray philosophy, it is a commitment to help preserve our natural resources for future generations. The shipyard is actively involved in the recycling program. Waste - such as cardboard, composites, foam, stainless steel, plastics, aluminium, pallets and metal drums - never goes to landfill. Instead, they are recycled for reuse. Stingray recycles over 100,000 pounds of cardboard per year!

The ergonomic Z-Plane enclosure developed by Stingray is still one of the most efficient deep V enclosures to date. The traditional protruding edanes here are replaced «by planes»that do not add extra volume to the hull and do not create air bubbles or swirls around the underwater part of the hull during movement.

Production .

Stingray's manufacturing facilities are located in Heartsville, South Carolina, with a total hangar area of more than 20,000 square meters. The shipyard focuses on developing environmentally friendly products and advanced technologies that reduce emissions from boats, improve fuel efficiency and reduce waste.

Model range

The shipyard specializes in small, affordable boats from 18 to 25 feet: deck boats and caddy boats with fixed and outboard motors. Most boats come with a central console.


The Stingray are small, lightweight, affordable boats that are good for family holidays as well as fishing.

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