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Smoker Craft, Inc.

68143 Clunette St, New Paris, IN 46553

Model range

The brand Smoker Craft produces fishing Boats and outboard Boats. There are 3 models from 5 to 6 meters in the current model range from 2 lines: Pro Angler XL and Pro Mag.


Company history

The company Smoker Craft from the USA, founded by the Smoker family, is known, first of all, as a manufacturer of small aluminum boats for fishing and utilitarian use. Its history began in 1921 with a small family business Smoker Lumber Company, which manufactured oars and components for the manufacture of wooden boats. In 1963 the founders of the company decided that the time had come to build their own boats. In contrast to wood, which was common in those years for small boats, they chose aluminium for their boats. Above all for its sturdiness, lightness and low maintenance requirements.

«We are not just shipbuilders. We're boat lovers, just like you. For five generations, our family has been creating the best boats that can be bought with money to share the joy of living on the water,"»says the Smoker family.


It's working.


Smoker Craft's manufacturing base is located in New Paris, Indiana. The company employs 700 people, many of whom work at the shipyard for 30 years or more. Cold rolled aluminium 5032 h34 is used for the hulls, combining strength and resistance to corrosion.

Model range

Modern Smoker Craft boats are lightweight aluminium boats with outboard engine for inland waters. The Fishing series are specialized boats for fishing, optimized for this activity. They are equipped with comfortable chairs, fasteners and containers for fishing equipment. The Utility Boats series are simpler, more versatile boats for a wide range of applications. North American Angler series includes reliable and comfortable boats with sturdy hulls for fishing and travel in all conditions.


Smoker Craft is, above all, a fishing boat. There are rod holders, ventilated equipment compartments, non-slip coverings, aerated cages, special seats - these are just some of the possible equipment.

Besides, the company's boats are adapted for easy transportation on the trailer and convenient self-launching.

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