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Model range

The brand Lynx Yachts produces displacement Yachts and expedition Yachts and Trawlers. There are 9 models from 21 to 40 meters in the current model range from 3 lines: Adventure, Crossover and Yacht Extender.


Company history

The opening of Lynx Yachts in the Netherlands in 2011 marked a dramatic turnaround for its founder, Tunisian businessman Slim Bouricha. Previously in the oil and gas industry, Burisha had generally accidentally encountered that things were not right in the yachting industry (and he himself had loved boating since childhood).

«If you have ever made an order to any traditional manufacturer, the process was such that in the end you never got exactly what you wanted. That is why I have decided to base Lynx Yachts. We need to rethink the yacht»manufacturing process.

The first boat of the company was the custom-made 34-meter HeliadII, made in the style of modern classics, with interiors in the spirit of minimalism.We wanted to show by«her example that integrating the exterior and interior design of a yacht and the construction process under one roof is possible," says Slim»Burisha, whose Tunisian name - it just so happens - sounds smart in Dutch.

The next year, 2014, was marked by the construction of the 24-meter YXT One, a 30-70-meter support vessel. The boats of this type are regarded by the shipyard as essentially multi-purpose platforms that can be used to transport tenders and water toys, as well as a huge beach club together with a sauna, gym and additional cabins for guests and crew.

Status .

The company is operating.


Lynx Yachts, with an office in Amsterdam, does not yet have its own production base, renting for projects from other shipbuilders, which is economically understandable for a young company. Thus, YXT One was built on the site in Zandam.

Model range

The company has two divisions. The first one, Lynx Yachts, is responsible for the construction of fully customised steel and aluminium displacement yachts, which recently included the Adventure series - slow but long range Explorer boats. A very promising division, Yacht-X-Tender (YXT), is responsible for the construction of superyacht escort boats.


Slim Burish expressed his special approach to the construction of yachts as follows:

«Engineers do not spend time on board - neither as guests nor as a crew. The same goes for shipbuilders. I feel this difference as a person who spends a lot of time on the water. I also like to be in the engine compartment, I like the boat technicians. So I am sure that I can offer people something new.
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