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Karl Marx Platz 11 Greifswald 17489

Model range

The brand Y Yachts produces luxury Sailing Yachts and minimalist Sailboats. There are 3 models from 21 to 28 meters.


Company history

Like many other experienced yachtsmen, for a long time Michael Schmidt could not find a sailing boat that would meet seemingly simple requirements: light hull, speed and pleasant design. With a wealth of experience in yachting and shipbuilding, he knew exactly what a good boat should be. With these thoughts, he came to Lorenzo Argento of Brenta Design, who eventually helped develop the exterior and architecture of the first model. To create the interiors, Sir David Chipperfield joined the team. In 2014, a new shipyard, Yachts, entered the market.


It's working.

Production .

Yachts has a modern factory in Greifswald with production and storage facilities, a paint shop and an office on site. The location of the shipyard was not chosen by chance: less than half a kilometre away from the Baltic Sea coast, a railway line runs away from the shipyard walls. This will allow for quick delivery of necessary materials and finished products, both by land and by water.

Model range

Designer sailing yachts stand out among other non-standard solutions. They are luxurious luxury cruisers with plenty of open spaces and free space.


The team has not forgotten Michael's other demands. All models are made of lightweight and durable carbon composite, which combined with an elaborate architecture provides good speed performance even in low winds. As the founder himself says, these boats need»hardly any «engines.

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