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Q Yachts Ltd

Hiilikatu 3, Helsinki, 00180

Model range

The brand Q Yachts produces electric and Hybrid Boats and tender Boats. There are 2 models from 9 to 10 meters.


Company history

Janne Kjellman is widely known in the yachting community. It was Janne Kjellman who created the Oceanvolt electric propulsion system, which is widely used on sailing yachts. His development has won numerous awards from leading yachting publications and eventually Janne decided to conquer the motor segment. This is how Q Yachts was born.

Status .

It's working.

Production .

For production the company has opened a small factory on the outskirts of Helsinki with access to the sea.

Model range

The range includes boats with exclusively electric motors. These are boats with a caddy cabin for one or two day cruises and tenders. The latter are also positioned as river limousines and taxis.


Of course, the boats are fitted with Oceanvolt engines, and it is also worth mentioning the highly efficient displacement hulls of the yard. Together, they produce boats that can travel up to 80 nautical miles on a single battery, and the volume of the engine at maximum load does not exceed the sound power of conventional air conditioning, so Q Yachts boats are considered the quietest in the world.

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